My name is Gerard and i'm a professional Concept artist and Matte Painter from Ireland. now currently working in London for the Film, Advertising and Game industries.

I studied design at university, eventually earning a masters degree followed by several years working as a VFX Generalist and Technical Director. Now I combine my skills and experience in Art, Design and VFX techniques to create stunning images that tell stories.

Recently I have worked on film projects such as Assassins Creed, Thor:The Dark World and Godzilla as well as many commercial clients including Nike, Honda, BMW and Guinness.
Concept Art, Illustration, Matte Painting, Digital Environments & VFX
  • Nike
  • Honda
  • Ubisoft Motion Pictures
  • MPC
  • Marvel Studios
  • Nissan
  • BMW
  • Legendary Pictures
  • Double Negative
  • The Mill

Contact: gerarddunleavy@gmail.com
Gerard Dunleavy